Good Sleep?
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Some people would sleep less than seven hours but they are so energetic and productive. Unlike some people sleep seven hours and still feeling sleepy and weak. Why?

I am no scientist nor a doctor but personally it is all about your quality sleep. Sometimes when I woke up in the morning, there are no other things that can stop me from waking up energetically! Although there  are time when I do not even feel like waking up at all.

Where did all went wrong?

To me, whenever my sleep was interrupted be it because of bad dreams or some strange sounds that woke me up. I can no longer wake up in a good condition. I would be sleepy and tired when I woke up.

However, good dreams and uninterrupted sleep going to make my day! As I today!

5 thoughts on “Good Sleep?

  1. I discovered an article a while back that discussed the human sleep cycle way back before artificial light and factory work time. We apparently split our sleeping into two ‘cycles’. We would have a short light sleep in the early evening, and then wake up and do bits and pieces, talk, read, see friends and neighbours, etc. Then, at around 2am, we would go back to sleep until ‘real’ morning.

    When I’ve had a heavy day in work but still want to be productive without tiredness ruining it, I do this. It’s a great way of getting plenty done and I feel much more refreshed! 🙂

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