Short Story 5.

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It happened again. The thing that would tick him off and he despised it the most. His anger building up, his mouth shut tight. He wanted to continue but his mind said otherwise. His ego conquered  him. No words came out from him and the chance slipped passed and not even in a proper way he hoped for. He didn’t get inside the train. He sit and stares the train left him alone. His thoughts haunted him again. He realized that he give himself too many chances. He’s trying too hard to be optimistic in life.  He tried too hard. Too many times he gave up before, too many times he given himself chances. When he was small. When he was a teenager. Many more as where he is now. He given up on his past and wish never to talk about it. He gave up on his future as he lost his heart. His holding this last straw for his present and it’s slowly slipping off his hand. As he waited for another one to come. He stared the rails. The voice urged him to jump. He tried to resist it. His heart didn’t say anything. The voice persuades him more. Jump, it’ll be quick. He stand up and walked slowly to the yellow line. He stopped behind it. He looked to his right. The bright light is coming. He take two steps forward. He passed  the yellow line and he is one step away from the rails. The train is coming. The voice said. Let’s do it. Let’s get away far away. Let’s end this misery life of yours. He said. Thank you.

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