Short Story 6.


“You should stop!” He said to him. He looked at him in a manner of anger and frustration. “I can’t stop! I need to hold it! That’s my inspiration!” He replied and continue running forward. “If you stop now. You’ll be fine! Stop your chase!”  He’s getting louder and louder. His voice now no longer a whisper but a solid apparition besides him. “I won’t stop! I’ll keep chasing. That’s what I have left! I need it!” He did not give up yet. He still wants to chase the thing that keep him going. “You fool! How long should you play this game? You know well how this would end! Why bother! When you fall later, you won’t be able to get back up! Have you learned nothing?” He tried again to reason with him. To no avail. He has made up his mind. He wants to keep running and chasing what he really need. “Selfish! You are a selfish man!” Then he vanished like a mist clearing away slowly. He didn’t slow down his pace. He keep running faster and faster. He knows he can’t give up. He knows he need it. The key to his emotions. Her, which he’ll never get.

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