Please Forgive Me

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I’m sorry for my long absent here. My sense of thought and words doesn’t really get along nicely lately. My thoughts were devoured by my own sealed emotions. My mood killed and left me speechless.

I’m still finding the right word to describe what happened to me lately. In my perspective, this is a journey that I need to get through. The journey of finding the right word. It’s not ‘miserable’. ‘Happiness’ not even close. ‘Confuse’ is not really the correct term.

I found the word. It’s there. ‘LOST’. Yes, I am ‘LOST’ again! Might take a while before I find my way back or new and fresh route.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy  your time here. Keep on writing! I will be back. I will get through this hurdle of mine. I wanted to write badly but the words stuck and I’m unable to let them out. All the best to you all!

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