It is one sided

There are things in life that we do not understand. Especially when it involves other people. Be it someone close or not.

Whenever we are attached or attracted to that someone. We tend to feel the need of attention. Despite how stubborn we told ourselves that we should ‘act chill’. The desire to be the attention of their eyes.

We know it firsthand. “Let’s not be too hopeful.””Let’s act tough and we can handle their diverted eyes from us.” Indeed we are being selfish and spoiled.

When we put some feeling and emotions started to taunt us. The word ‘friends’ is like a dagger that keep stabbing us everytime the word spoken.

We don’t understand or we don’t want to understand. I know the answer. Really. It’s one sided. Yes. The worst part it. We are battling it alone and with ourselves.

2 thoughts on “It is one sided

  1. It’s a battle many go through. But as time goes on we feel the need for acknowledgement and to feel the connection. It’s a lonely life sometimes but we need to be ok in our own skins and realise that while it is nice that we are ok with or without them.

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