Life! Stop trolling me!

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Hi everyone!

Life is strange and mysterious. Sometimes life can be so peaceful and it took a weird turn and  our series of disaster starts. How one person can changed us totally but not hundreds. We spent the day laughing with happiness but we cried ourselves and our head haunted by suicide thoughts at night.

I can’t stop thinking about where my life would lead me for the next day, months and years. I did some planning few months ago and most of it still in ‘planning’ stage. It’s not because I din’t do anything to accomplish it, there are other factors rolling into my current life and turn it havoc and almost wrecking it.

It’s like I’m having my peaceful evening with a slice of my favorite cake and tea. Life throws something unexpected into my evening and I have to wait before I can them. It turns out that I’m now unable to eat them because it’s already rotten due to unexpected ‘gift’ from life.

Depend on which ‘Point of View’ you’d see what life throws at you, I don’t think everything that is bad came as really bad things. Personally to me, I’ll take it as lessons. Things that I need to be careful of later time.

It’s scary as well because you don’t know how strong you can handle it. Which it might break the broken hearts even more.

So what are your thoughts about life? Is life giving you a lesson? Or life is just a naught prankster?

6 thoughts on “Life! Stop trolling me!

  1. I definitely don’t think life is out to get anyone in any way, but like you say, it does test us and teaches us things as we go through different stages and obstacles. But that’s really what life is all about – learning and getting better at handling what’s thrown at us 🙂

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