The Perfect Person OR?

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Hi everyone!

I just want to share the topic I was discussing with a friend of mine. This was few days ago and we were having our lunch.

We were actually discussing about this since last week but we were able to discuss more in depth when we were having lunch together.

SO! What do we  discuss about?

Is it necessary for someone to have a certain set of skills or someone who wants to learn and work things together when it comes to relationship or  marriage?

I asked her that. I made another statement.

I knew someone  who prefer to have a set of skills before considering themselves in a relationship or marriage. Skills such as, he or she needs to know how to cook, do laundry, stylish and of course with a good career.

I listened to her opinion.

She said that, it is not necessarily for her for someone to have the set of skills first as long as he or she willing to learn and work it out together. For her, it’s hard to find someone with the skills that we wanted compared to try work it out with someone  that is willing to learn.

To her, finding the perfect person instead of developing the perfect or ideal person might just a dream and unrealistic. It’s also a way on how relationship can grow.

What do you think?? Better to find the perfect someone who already have the skills OR someone who can be taught and willing to learn??

5 thoughts on “The Perfect Person OR?

  1. After, many. many, many years of being alive…
    I’ve decided that looking for what we want is idealistic and sets us up for a serious let-down. Rather, I think it’s more important to look for the qualities we know we don’t want. Although, I do think it’s important to have that quality that allows you and another person to grow together.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more. And even if a person found someone who met the ‘criteria’ that he or she wanted. Will he or she be someone that is totally worth it?

      It’s okay if they can keep up. If not, might be a one sided thingy.

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      1. LOL. I have a friend on FB that is constantly making funny and utterly inappropriate references to him…so it hit me as kind of ironic and funny with this post today. 🙂

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