Here is a little story that I hope could make you entertained. A little story that supposed to be funny and hopefully make you laugh.

It’s a story about a guy. He has a nickname, Mr Lifeless. Whats so special about his nickname? What does it even mean?

All started back in college. Whenever he was asked to respond or read something from the textbook, he would read it like a zombie. You don’t usually hear or even imagine how a zombie read something. I hope this might help you understand.

“Ighh orhderr thi ghett ett publhished…” 

No it’s not spelling errors, read it as slow as you can and in low deep voice too. There you have it!

So, Mr Lifeless was reading that way and his lecturer was annoyed. He asked him to read again. He reads it in the same tone again.

“Okay sit down. Are you lifeless or something? No, energy or enthusiasm at all. I can fall asleep instantly. I know. I’ll just bestow you with a nickname, Mr Lifeless.”

Thats pretty basically how he got the nickname and what Mr Lifeless don’t realized is that, he is going to change the world!

No, that’s not true. I got you guys! Well, his nickname would be something that he would carry throughout his years in college. Surprisingly, his working years as well. Same goes to his old days later on.

Why you asked?

He is not lifeless in his life, he is lifeless starting from his heart and deep to his soul.

5 thoughts on “MR LIFELESS PT. 1

  1. It is a bullying type of blog, yes it did had humour but also felt bad for that lifeless guy a bit. Teachers are not meant in school to do what he did here but then we all have seen such thing happening in school in some way or other. Good post anyways.

    Liked by 1 person

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