Since our Mr Lifeless got his nickname, he can’t stop wondering about it. He is not a lifeless guy.

“I’m living my life. I have friends online and offline. I went out. I spend my time mostly playing online video games and watching anime. Ohh wait..”

Certainly he have his own life. A normal life for him. Does it normal for others? So what he did, he asked some friends.

“Am I lifeless?”

He said it and looking for honest answers. His friend replied.

“Dude, you are not lifeless. You just having a life less.”

Mr Lifeless was confused. What kind of answer is that? Does it means he doesn’t live his life to the fullest? What the hell he supposed to do? Running in circles and jumping while laughing frantically? Is that what people call living a life? That’s just in his head. So, he asked again.

“I don’t get it.”

Both of them stares each other. With a sigh, his friend try to explain his situation.

“Listen here. What you are lacking is enthusiasm. You are in your youth but you act like an old man. You even sound like my dad!”

Mr Lifeless just listened and trying to relate.

“Which part that made me sound like your dad?”

“The part when you said, life is not hard, we just need discipline. He said that to me everyday when I was attending primary school.”

What Mr Lifeless was missing is the essence of youth. A life without the sweet taste of youth is a dull life.

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