Mr Lifeless finally reached his last station. The journey took him almost an hour.

Right now he just need to walk few hundreds metre to the venue. The venue loacated in a building, Times Square.

The walk is not that hard. He just need to turn right after he exit the station and straight until he sees the building.

So, he walked. This is his firstime getting to thay area by walking. He saw an old abandoned building that used to be a prison. Now the only thing left of it is the wall.

The wall looks sturdy enough and it’s more than a hundred years now. The wall filled with graffiti. Some of them are good and some of them are pure ugly.

He stopped for a whole because he saw one particular graffiti. 

“Hurm.. the colors used are so striking. Orange? White? It’s a writing for sure. The letters are oio.”

Somehow Mr Lifeless took his time deciphering the graffiti.

“Oio? Is that the name of the guy who created this? Or is there a subliminal message to it? The o’s looks like ‘rambutan’ and there is a fountain on the top of the letter i. ”

He looked and looked. Then he realized something.

“The o’s looks hairy like the ‘rambutan’ fruit and somehow attached to the letter i faintly. Iy was drawn poorly, probably with intention. Dayum… It’s a penis.”

He then quickly walk away from the spot. People must have laughed at him for admiring that graffiti.

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