After what happened earlier, Mr Lifeless just fazed out. He feels drifted together with the crowds. He didn’t know that he can be so bold and stupid.

Somehow he arrived at the main stage area. Everbody was sitting so he did too. The crowds are focusing on the stage and it was a singing performance.

They dresses up in uniform that looks like a group idol from Japan. They were singing and dancing. The music is loud and some in the crowd was singing together.

He realized something and asked himself a question. Is this youth? Is this what they called having a life of their own? He sat there asking until they completed their performance.

Then the emcee came out and introduced the next participant. There were two of them and was called ‘Team Nekotachi’. Mr Lifeless saw her again. She was on the stage and performing.

Her partner was a guy and wearing the cat hodie as well. 

“Must be his boyfriend. Damn what was I thinking…”

They are singing a duet song. Both of them have nice and lovely voice.  The song they were singing was quite popular too, the crowd goes wild and the hall is getting louder and louder of the song they were singing.

“What is this? What feeling is this? Is this what other feels when they are in a crowd and they enjoying it?”

Mr Lifeless definitely having a good time with this performance. After the singing ended, the crowd was clapping and shouting. They truly enjoying their performance.

Then they started to sing another song. Again the crowd goes wild and crazy. Mr Lifeless knows the song and he feels like he is a part of them. Singing the song together. He sings and give everything that his lung can give.

What he didn’t realized was the person who was sitting besides him was looking at him. She gave him the look.

“Excuse me, you are sitting on my posters. Now it’s wrinkled already…”

Again, Mr Lifeless struck another unfortunate trigger in his life. 

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