Despite everything that happened on his adventure to the event, he feels satisfied and believe that he is one step closer away from being lifeless.

Today is an early day for him. He have a morning English Literature class to attend. He was quite early and the class should start in another 10 minutes.

So he prepared himself by taking out his pen case from his bag and a notebook. He realized that he is missing one thing. His literature text book is not in his bag. He left it in his room.

He lost his mood and can’t stop to feel stupid and regret about it. He tried to stay calm and think optimistically. He can borrow or share the book with his classmated.

Five minutes before class started and there are few students arrived. Then, the lecturer came in and Mr Lifeless now having trouble to ask someone to share their book because they were sharing themselves.

“Oh, you. I heard that you were dubbed as Mr Lifeless.” Said Ms. Mary the English Literature lecturer. “You don’t have your book?”

Mr. Lifeless looks at her back and nervously smiling. “I forgot to bring my book.”

“The old good universal cliche excuse. Nevermind, anyone here can share the book with him?” She asked the class.

Somehow, there were more girls in the class today. Then a girl raised her hand and offer him to share.

Mr Lifeless was saved. The last time someone forgotten their book to the class and no one was sharing, they had to write five poems about animals. One of it had to be sonnet too.

So, he walked to the girl and sat down besides her. Her name is Anna and she is one of the top scorer in the class.

He thanked her.

“Much welcomed. But you owe me a favor.” She said and giggled.

The he asked what kind of favor. She said that she will tell him later after the class.

Before he could asks more question, Ms Mary called his name and asked him a question.

“Give me the best metaphor to describe your situation right now.” She asked.

Mr Lifeless answered her. “I am in this twisted and scary haunted house with ghosts. Yet, I’m here besides a lovely angel.”

His lecturer looked at him. “Get Out!”

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