A Tribute For Pride And Prejudice

He is a monster of pride,
With little words,
But vicious stares,
And unwelcome sense,

She is the master of prejudice,
Lack  of  perspectives,
Poor decisions,
And a poor judge,

But both take a cure,
A pill named understanding.

I must say this is a complete book. Not just relationship but more. It’s satisfying. Imagine eating steak that gives you the complete eating experience. I’d say Pride and Prejudice gave me that kind of experience.

Has anyone read this book? Tell me your opinion about it.

12 thoughts on “A Tribute For Pride And Prejudice

  1. Read a long time back, it is typical Jane Austen novel but what I liked about it is the essence of every character and a Victorian era background just blended with every character and their actions.
    Lovely, romantic and truly a classic one. Proud to have it in my personal collection.

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