Movies In Six Words Pt. 1

Hi fellow friends!

Have you ever thought when you talk to a friend about a movie and you need to explain what the movie is all about? It can  be a long winding explanation or short.

And I was wondering how short it could be? So, I set the rules to be in six words!

Let’s start!

  • Edge of Tomorrow: Cruise died. died. died. and died.
  • Final Destination: You cheat death. You  die horribly.
  • Pirates Of The Caribbean: Lousy captain lost his ship, again.
  • Star Wars: The Skywalkers need some cosmic break.
  • The Fast and  The Furious: Reckless drivers driving fast cars. Endlessly.
  • The Hobbit: The first midget saved the world.
  • The Lord Of The Ring: More midgets saved the world,  again.
  • The Purge: America with the best annual event.
  • Upside Down: He crazily loves that uptown girl.
  • Romeo And Juliet: Puppy’s love gone bad. Killed themselves.
  • Hamlet: Denmark monarchy having bad tragedy party.
  • Her: A guy addicted to phone dating.

Just some fun reading for you guys. Will do more if you like it!

26 thoughts on “Movies In Six Words Pt. 1

  1. Edge of Tomorrow: Cruise died. Lived. died. and Lived. 😁 😵 😁 😵 😀

    Pirates Of The Caribbean: The man’s ‘Gender’ is a mystery. . . 👲 👈😜👍

    Star Wars: That Same Galaxy Far Far Away… .. .. . 😎 🌌 👽 👾 🐽 🗻 🌠 🗾 🌐 🌍💫

    The Fast and The Furious:FAST CARS. Diesel. Statham. The Rock… 👊 😆 🚓 🚔 🚨 🚗 🚘 🚙💨⚡️🔥💣

    The Hobbit: Before Frodo Baggins Lost his finger… 🖐🙌 👐

    The Lord Of The Ring: Where Frodo Baggins Loses his finger… 🖕😱

    Romeo And Juliet: Same old love s%it. But EPIC! 💏❤️ 💔💑

    Her: Scarlett Johansson’s Voice turns him on… 😇 😉 😊 😋 😍

    Awesome post mate! 👍😈👊

    Liked by 3 people

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