Best To Read On #Inkitt!


Hi dear readers,

How are you? As usual I’ll be sharing the best titles in #Inkitt this week!

This week, we have quite the numbers of titles! So lets get it started!

1. Balance of The World by Jenna Cassie Herdz (Romance/ Fantasy)

Zoey becomes Alice when she tumbles down a secret tunnel under her bed and into Kalina. When Elias Blackwood explains that the Balance of Kalina is threatened, she must face the Mor Witch: Jellina

2. A Girl and a Goblin  by Emelia M and Sage O (Romance/ Fantasy)

In a whirlwind of terrifying events, Emelie finds herself in the middle of a world full of horror, mystery, and possibility. Hidden carefully out of human view, can she find a place for herself here?

3.  Cracked Open Book 3  by Madison DiMercurio (Romance/ Fantasy)

One nymph, one tree spirit and a world of passion, indulgence and plight. Will love prevail against the ghosts of the past?

4. A Nymph Without Mercy by Catherine Miller (Romance/ Fantasy)

Garrick did not believe in nymphs, but a single touch binds him to a beautiful creature in ways he never thought possible. If only he deserved the mate who seeks not only his protection, but his love.

5. Come What May by Adbkcjdm2 (Romance/ Drama)

NYC, boyfriends and the circumstantial chance of something unexpected – Come What May will have you hooked from the get go.

6. The Monkey King: A Journey to a State of Presence by Amira Kidd (Romance/ Horror)

Love lust, passion and twisted fates. All is left to be discovered in this illustrious romance horror novel.

7. American Now Departed: Fight for the One You Love by historyman101 (Romance/ Action)

1944: Answering the call of long lost ally Peter must take up his rifle once again to come to the aid of his friends in a campaign that could turn the tide of the war. Part 3 in the AND series.
I’m sure these titles will surely satiate your urges to read more! I hope you guys have a great day ahead!

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