Everything – except the bane

Image from: vanillapearl – DeviantArt

Have you feel rain,
Washing all unwanted pain,
The coldness keeping me sane,
Everything – except the bane.

5 thoughts on “Everything – except the bane

    1. Thank you very much Singledust. It’s been raining frequently here so I could not help myself on not to write about it. I have mailed you the letter today! I’m using a regular mail, because of I want it to be sent with stamps and stamped. I hope the letter will find you soon! πŸ˜€

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      1. Oh Ally thank you so much! I love receiving letters like that with the postmark and everything. I shall eagerly wait for it. Yes the rains have been really heavy here, my room got flooded today, believe it or not, part of the roof got blown off! but it’s all good now and dried well. But the rains are good so hopefully we won’t get into water rationing again soon. Take advantage of the inspiration the rain brings and create!

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