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Today, there are no classes. Fortunately (as most students would consider), three lecturers who supposed to lecture Mr. Lifeless and his classmates today, had a little accident. The details were actually confidential because the accident somehow, brought shame to  them as lecturers and scarring the college good face as well.

Gossips like this does not really safe for keeping, especially in college. Somehow, little birds flocking together and shared the news quite fast. Our Mr. Lifeless was also aware of those gossips. Thanks to the blue bird Twitter. Getting trending especially with the #shameshameshame plus the college name.

He was scrolling the best news, gossips and shame the three lecturers brought to the college. The headlines are something like this, Shameful Attack, The Three Stooges Returns!, Panty Hunters Strike Back, Panty  Collecter Caught: Stolen Limited Edition Found!… Quite shameful.

He does remember that they are actually cool lecturers. They usually hang out together especially outside campus. There was this one time, he saw them in a night market and not as customers but they opened a food stall instead. It was good nonetheless.

Mr. Danny is likely the leader of this band. He always have his brain came out with nasty ideas. He taught Advance Math and I must say, he really takes everything into details  and very good in problem solving. Sadly, he will be having a hard time solving this problem he ran into.

Next is Mr. Kang, who is usually  the cool one. He lectures on History subject, be it western, oriental or sometimes he decided to teach fantasy history. His favorite mostly on how Middle Earth was never  really in peace. Seriously, not everyone interested even though most of them did watch The Lord Of The Ring.

Mr. Lucas is the playboy type. He have this advance and highly tech in-built radar in him. He can detect and attract any girl he wanted. Every time  they work in the night market, most of the customers are females. For his class, he lectures on Literature. Yes, perfectly constructed appearance which will definitely attracts any living women plus amazing and superb command usage of tongue… Words.

Mr. Lifeless cannot help to share this to his roommate, Mike.

“Mike, did you know about our lecturers?”

“About the panties hunter? Yeah, I heard about it dude! They got busted and totally making themselves trending right now.”

“Wonder how much panties they had… Thousands maybe! And each of them are owned by every females in the campus! Wondering if they are actually freak or doing something that they wrote in their bucket list.”

Mike who was busy playing video  games  paused it. He turned around and turn his back and looked at his roommate confused.

“Did you read the news? Or you just read the headlines?”

“Headlines. Why?”

Mike’s face looks so disappointed at his roommate and give himself a big face palm.

“I must say, Mr. Lifeless should be changed to something else. Mr. Judgemental or Mr. Headlines Only… You better read the news dude.”

Mr. Lifeless could not understand what Mike wanted to say. He do not need more nicknames at the moment. His current nickname somehow made itself sticks so hard on his face that everyone started to call him that.

He tap the headline, 10K Panties Smuggler! and the page loads. He read them and found this one line.

Later, the police concluded that the three suspects were actually involved in panty business and been selling it in their campus, been giving them fortune compared to their food stall business.’


Sorry for the long break of Mr. Lifeless. I’m guilty as charged! I have more free time now, so might continue writing on it.

9 thoughts on “MR. LIFELESS PT. 8

      1. Hopefully you will have a great time studying and keep on writing too! You might want to compile everything once you finished your studies and publish a book perhaps? Just some idea. 😀


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