He stays in pain forever

Image from: Pinterest

May her life turns better,
Away from any disaster,
Where his life is no matter,
He stays in pain forever.

10 thoughts on “He stays in pain forever

  1. This is powerful… It’s like sometimes you can worry so much about people, and sometimes you need to just leave them to work things out for themselves and not always be a saviour

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  2. Great poem!

    And a great picture too. Can I ask – is it okay to use pictures off Pinterest, as long as you credit pinterest? I have no idea! And I’m always desperately looking for images I can use…

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      1. Thanks Ally – I’ve always been unsure about using other peoples pictures and it’s great to hear someone else’s point of view! As you say, we are only sharing, not selling – I feel a bit better using google etc!

        Anyway, look forward to reading more of your words in future!

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