With our first kiss together

Image from: Pinterest

The sky was  yellow,
Air was warmth and cozy,
We were alone,
At a corner in the room,

Staring each other admiringly,
Our lips sealed each other,
With our first kiss together.

10 thoughts on “With our first kiss together

  1. Do you know the history behind this photo Ally? My dad subscribed to LIFE magazine and we got a book with all the photos that made headlines. This was one of it and it brought back lots of memories when I saw it on your blog. It has a story of its own – not only of a kiss.

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    1. I read it somewhere about it actually. It was said this photo was taken after America won the second world world. That was said, but I heard different version by saying they are actually models. Who knows. I find this photo purely beautiful and sweet! 😀

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      1. there’s a back story and a forward in history for these 2 – not really romantic in that sense but once you find out, it makes you realise no one can live alone! Am I making you even more confused? Ok more later – need to dash!

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