Goodbye dear January

Image from: LoveThisPic

Goodbye dear January,
A good lover,
If you may be,
All those rumbling walks,
Of you and me,

Goodbye dear January,
The day you came,
Still lingers and  fresh,
In my memory,
A chance and new  breath,

Goodbye dear January,
Forget me not,
When I walks away,
To a month of Love,
The sweet pink February.

20 thoughts on “Goodbye dear January

  1. Nice words Ally. January is a strange month, it welcomes in the New Year but many people find it a struggle to adjust after the Christmas holidays. February is a step closer to the joys of Spring and Summer 🙂

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    1. Thanks Davy. January indeed is a strange month. Somehow, I believe that January is a challenging but full of dreams and desire… You know the ‘New Year Resolutions’ thingy. Oh yes, February will bring joy indeed. 😀

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      1. February is like the official start of the year for me after the Lunar New Year and its like a chance to do over the things I want to be better at. Maybe coffee and more writing will feature in your February, who know! February is that month where magic happens. But don’t ask me la – every month is magic to me!

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