Daily Prompt: Lovingly (Hurt them endlessly)

via Daily Prompt: Lovingly

Image from: deadline.com

They said affection,
Changed someone,
Some turns sweeter,
Some turns sour,

Will I change,
Shares my heart lovingly,
Or will I,
Hurt them endlessly.


6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Lovingly (Hurt them endlessly)

  1. love the notebook and your poetry just synced with the movie! of course Ryan Gosling is the reason why I would even watch it in the first place. Nice touch ally – so fitting for the season thats coming up next week. Don’t change – the way you share – you couldn’t and wouldn’t want not to share.

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      1. oh do i detect winds of change blowing in your life? – that would be awesome my friend! i still place Leap Year at the top of romantic list movies – for all the gloom that i write i don’t really like romantic sad movies – haha – prefer the romantic comedy with a twist – The Notebook was me indulging in Gosling fever! But it was nice that they got to grow old together. You are certainly the die hard romantic at heart!

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