Why I Write Poetry?


“Nowadays, poetry is a no go. It is not mainstream and who reads poetry anyway?”

Those are the usual voice I heard when I said that I wrote poems. I actually agreed that what they said is true but… I enjoy writing it and there are no reasons for me to stop writing poems.

Reasons To Write Poetry

  • I love writing them
  • I enjoyed reading them
  • I want to express how I feel
  • I want to share what I see
  • I want to inform my ideas
  • I want to make everyone laugh
  • I want to capture everyone hearts
  • I want to touch the feelings of others
  • I want to tell my story and let the whole world know!

When we able to express ourselves in a fashioned that we really enjoy it makes you feels good!

So, if you really love poetry, just write them! Do not let other tells you that you are not going anywhere. You will not go anywhere if you just sitting and waiting. Unless, you made them happen!



16 thoughts on “Why I Write Poetry?

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I know so many people who believe that poetry is outdated and that there’s no money in it. But art isn’t about money and I think the world needs poetry now more than ever ❀

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  2. A nice post Ally. Those people who doubted you may be losing out on a true connection with their emotions. Keep writing, the world is a big place and there is always someone waiting to hear πŸ™‚

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  3. For me, poetry is the best way of expressing ideas and insights. I absolutely agree with you. You seem to express your feelings fabulously well through poems. And, one day you’ll definitely capture hearts of many. Keep it going!

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