Free E-book: Ally And The Daily Prompt

Hey guys!

I just published my new poetry e-book! I did try my best to make it neat as possible compared  to the previous one. I believe I did some improvement except that pesky formatting on the epub version. Still, I’m proud to say… I did quite well!

Some of you may still remember the tease I did before… It is not this one! This one was supposed to be my third project but… I had problems with the second project and decided to put it on hold and… Woosh! I present you this instead!

For those who enjoy my daily prompt posts, I made things easier! I have compiled them in one book so you can read them easier! It’s free so don’t wait!

Ally And The Daily Prompt (2017)


Exploring the possibilities through different approach and angles in completing the daily prompt. With 57 prompts come 57 poems compiled in this book, expect to find romance, humor, silliness, craziness, stupidity and brutality inside.

Download it for FREE!

If you find it enjoyable, help me by sharing it with everyone else! I would appreciate it a lot! I hope everyone have a nice and amazing day! Don’t forget to join me on my One Litre of Tears marathon on 9th March! Another six hours and I’ll be doing some live twitting in Twitter! Follow me at Twitter!

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