One Year With Write Ally! Write!


Good day fellow friends!

Write Ally! Write! is officially a year old today!

At first, I had it wrong. I thought the date was supposed to be on the 14th of March because of my first post. However, it was on the 12th March which is today.

The first thing I did when I received the notification from WordPress was sitting down and stared the sky (ceiling to be precise). A year ago, everything was just an idea. The idea came after I’m getting bored of my previous job and the urge to write more.

I have other blogs at that time that focused on translating service, sharing social media news and a story blog in Bahasa Malaysia (is still there and I don’t want to delete it because I wrote a lot!).

Then, I decided to focus on poetry. As I am completing this sentence, I remembered that I still have another blog dated in 2009. Most of my freaking posts are still there! I am now totally embarrassed. However! I have this idea of bringing some of the poems I wrote back then in here (but maybe it is best to leave it there. I wrote lengthy poems too).

Some quick info:-

My first post: It is morning and bright
My first follower (besides myself): (Somehow protected)
My first comment:
My current followers: 855
My total posts: 494
My total views: 16846
My total visitors: 6290

I slowed down on blogging starting from May 2016. I do not want to remember how I waste my time for five months. I started being active again in November. The number after that constantly rising and get me more than 1000 visitors monthly! Small to some but big for me! There are a thousand readers from across the world reading my poems! I am grateful!

Those are just numbers. Do you want to know what is more precious?

The connection we have as fellow bloggers! I able to be friends with amazing people, young and older! I get to read amazing posts a lot! I got inspired by lovely and supportive motivational posts! Not to mention the amazing awards!

Another achievement would be the self-published poetry e-books! The first one It’s All About You and the freshly released on 8th March, Ally And The Daily Prompt (I’m sure there will be book two, three and so on for this one!).

You can download it here for free:

I hope everyone enjoyed my poems and my books. I am seriously happy to share them!

However, I need help from you guys. I need feedback and dire of feedback! If you find my poems are cool, let me know! If you find my poems are lame and pathetic, let me know as well! I want to take this blog and passion to the next level! I really do!

I have two books under construction right now, one would be the ‘They Said That…’ and another one is ‘Ally’s Book of Motivation!’. I’ll share one from the latter one.

“If you love writing, don’t find a reason to keep you away from it. Find excuses to write more.”

Ally Mare, Feb ’17

I think that is all for now! I wish all of you have a great and amazing day!

38 thoughts on “One Year With Write Ally! Write!

  1. Congratulations Ally on your 1 year accomplishmentπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ. Your poems are beautiful. I love how in a few sentences u express ur point. That is my favourite thing about ur poems and posts 😊😊

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  2. Hey, Ally– first, Congrats! I have it in my mind to possibly mail you a bound paperback of my first collection, with poems & a few simple drawings — if you’ll accept? I pass them out occasionally & I’d like to show you my appreciation for your two. [I have yet to read Daily Prompts – I had both bound from a PDF copies…] — many thanks! πŸ™‚
    You can email me at if you’re interested [hopefully]
    -Cheers! – Emma πŸ™‚

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