Kecuali kau yang tidak mengenang budi (Unless you are one being ungrateful)

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Adakah kau lihat itu,
Urat membiru menatang langit,
Kulit kering kudrat tua,
Dengan peluh membasah bumi,

Apakah kau tidak melihat,
Tulang terketar menahan diri,
Makin gopoh berjalan,
Apatah lagi berlari,

Adakah hati kau membatu,
Tanpa kasihan menghulur tangan,
Tanpa segan kau sorokkan,
Mengalih pandangan mencari alasan,

Jangan membisu lesu,
Lakonan kau senipis tisu,
Mereka bukan drama,
Yang kau sensasikan,

Sudah cukuplah wahai anak,
Tidak pernah kau disesalkan,
Oleh kasih sayang mereka,
Kecuali kau yang tidak mengenang budi.

Do you see,
Bluish veins holding the sky,
Withering skin with old strength,
With sweats watering the earth,

Did you not see,
Without mercy to give hands,
Without shame you hide them,
Turn away with reasons,

Do not be sluggishly speechless,
Your act thinner than the paper,
They are not a drama,
For you to be thrilled with,

Enough is enough dear child,
Far from regret in having you,
Overcame by their love to you,
Unless you are one being ungrateful.

Pretty rare for me to write something in Bahasa. It is midnight and suddenly I have the urge to write one. The weird thing is, I wrote it in a short time and I even include the translation in English too.

Mostly I got the inspiration by listening to this song. Humood – Lughat Al’Aalam. An Arabic song about mother. It comes with translation too. I warned you that… Ninja might be cutting onions somewhere.

18 thoughts on “Kecuali kau yang tidak mengenang budi (Unless you are one being ungrateful)

      1. Nice knowing you. I’ve been following your blog for quite some times and never knew where you from. I’m an Indonesian descendant myself. My parent came from Bawean and Riau.


  1. i so love that you wrote in Bahasa and loved every line, so rich and full of emotion. Jiwa mana yand tidak tergerak membaca dengan penuh sayu dan mengingat kembali kepada mereka yang sudah pergi meskipun yang masih disisi. Kasih sayang ibubapa sering dilupa. I useed to write a lot of sajak and some syair in school before this brings back such beautiful memories. Lovely Ally!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Did you fail in Form 3? I terkejut la!I love Bahasa too. I was good at it , sajak and Bahasa Istana too you know, even studied Jawi in primary school. But the mendeklamasi part I left it to the brave ones. I too harldy write in Bahasa these days though I speak it everyday, kind of missing writing it.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. ok la mid term not so terkejut then, I am sure the cikgu really geleng kepala and pening kepala with you Ally!! I enjoyed Bahasa Istana, very different and quiet poetic.

        Liked by 1 person

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