Ally Wrote A Song: Real Lover

Image from: EliteNewsfeed


I think this song  will be cheesy
You think this is crazy
But this is how I’ll tell you
About the love
I have for you

I know we are
Thousand miles apart
And it seems hard
To make it right
But I’m sure
It is worth the fight


You are my dream
American girl
And I’m just
Your Asian boy
No! I’m not a doctor
Nor I’m good with numbers

But I’m smooth with my words
And I’m kind like no others
If you do accept my love
I will share you my world


I just couldn’t stop dreaming
Or stop imagining
I couldn’t stop wishing you to be closer
So we can spend more time together
And let us be a real lover

This is actually a song that I wrote. You don’t trust me? Try it in Rock, Pop or even Country! It will definitely suits the lyric.

If anyone up for a challenge, do sing it and record it. Then, upload it to Youtube if you want and tag me or you can just share with me through my inbox.

13 thoughts on “Ally Wrote A Song: Real Lover

  1. If you’ve got instagram search shanecgriffo he’s a musician and does great music . I can’t remember his Soundcloud account to give to you. I gave him some words awhile back and he popped them to music for me .

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