Ally’s Thoughts: Ali And Nino (2016)

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Hi, everyone!

I recently watched a movie called Ali And Nino. It is a book adaptation with the same title by Kurban Said. The book was first published in 1937 and the book has been translated more than 30 languages.

The plot simply described by IMDB as,

Love story of a Muslim Azerbaijani boy and Christian Georgian girl in Baku from 1918 to 1920.

Simple and neat!

If this is your first time reading Ally’s Thoughts, do not worry about spoilers because I don’t really give away spoilers. If you can’t trust me, please avoid reading.

If you are an adventurous reader, you will surely understand why I enjoy this movie so much.

So, let’s start.

When it comes to love story we all know how romantic and disastrous it can be, depending on how the plot goes. By the simplified plot description above, it is about intercultural love. This is the main reason why I decided to watch it. Other reason would be the setting of the story. The story sets in 1918 which you might say a time of war and turbulence.

For a romantic drama, some might look for the happy ending and some might want to see some twist at the end of the movie. I am looking for something else. I’m looking for the progress in the movie.

What happened in the beginning of the story? What kind of choices did they make? What kind of conflicts are they having? Did they settle things in the most cliche ways? How the characters react to an event? These are the things I’m looking for.

So, what is the thing that made me really enjoy Ali and Nino?

My answer would be, the journey.

This movie will take you on a journey of diverse culture, ethnic, religion, landscape and history.

Imagine you fall in love with someone that you know your parents will never accept. Then, the world throw wars at you. Just to add the flavor in the plot, you have dreams to achieve. How complicated that would be? Will you changed? Will you be put to your knee when it tests you?

It can be complicated but that is the jewel of the movie. The journey they took to the amazing colors, architectures, complex politics, cultural differences and the nature of war.

It made me understand a little about their way of life back then. In some part, the way of life is still practiced today. I am totally at awe with these elements.

I would like to share a dialogue that I really enjoy.

Nino: Will you marry a fallen woman?
Ali: Are you ready to stay in this hut forever?

What is a fallen women? Why they need to get used living in the hut? You need to watch it for yourself.

Image from: Publishers Weekly

As for now, I will be looking for the book. Hopefully it will be available in major international bookstores here. My finger is crossed.

I would recommend this movie to someone who enjoy romance and drama. One who have eyes in culture. Also, bored people that don’t know how to spend their time.

I wish everyone have a great and lovely day ahead!

*Some quick fact: My name can be read as Ali too and perhaps that is my name? Shhh…

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