Ally And The 1000 Followers!

Malaysia – Last week, Write Ally! Write! has reached a new milestone. The blog now have more than 1000 followers. It was a good news for the author, Ally L. Mare and he is extremely excited about the achievement.

“I am so excited and happy! I want to say thank you to my lovely friends and followers for the support,” said Ally when he was interviewed and asked how he feels about the achievement.

Write Ally! Write! is a blog that shares the poetry works of Ally L. Mare. Occasionally, Ally would include other segments such as ‘Ally’s Thought’ whichΒ focused on his personal opinion in movies and other issues, and his popular segment ‘Movies In Six Words’ is a six words story describing a movie. Ally shared posts from other bloggers as well.

Other than being happy for his WordPress blog achievement, he also mentioned that he also started to work again last week. “I was accepted to join one of the biggest Investment Bank in Malaysia. It was the top IB bank in 2014 too. I will be there for six months and will definitely use this opportunity well.”

Ally also apologized in advance for the future delay that will happen for his posts. He mentioned that his work place is quite far from his home, that will take a lot of his time.

As for his future plan for the blog, he wants to achieve the next milestone but steadily maintaining his current performance. He teased that by the end of NaPoWriMo, he might release another book. Other than his blog, Ally did mentioned about a Youtube channel project with a friend of his. Not much was mentioned though.

Hi everyone! How is your weekend?

Thank you for the amazing support and encouragement! I will never achieve this without my fellow friends and followers. You guys helped me to achieve my dream, share my poems to the whole world! You name it, US, UK, India, Australia, Philippine, Hong Kong, Canada, Indonesia, the European countries and my own country Malaysia.

Before I end this post, let me share something.

A poet without readers is a book that lost its purpose, but a poet with readers is a chain to connect others.

That’s all for now! I hope that you will keep on supporting me! Have a great day, everyone!

59 thoughts on “Ally And The 1000 Followers!

  1. BRAVO, Ally! I am so very happy for you–I cannot imagine ever getting 1000 followers (though I don’t require big numbers to be happy), but my 1000 Likes was fun! Very best to you in your banking career as well as writing always!!

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