But they were someone’s special souls

Image from: WSB Radio

I am devastated,
And I do not know them,
I was not even there,
But the pain feels close,

I can’t stop imagining,
How terrifying the situation was,
Only to feel the heat and burn,
The screaming and desperation to call “Help!”,

I can’t stop to cry,
I feel sorry for their family,
Some managed to bid their last farewell,
But others lost in flame,

This is no time for pointing fingers,
This is the time to bring humanity closer,
They may not be your friends, families or lovers,
But they were someone’s special souls.

10 thoughts on “But they were someone’s special souls

    1. I’m glad it feels that way for you. Reading the news about it somehow really made my chest heavy especially on how some of them managed to call their relatives before getting trapped. I really appreciate it, thank you very much. 😀

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  1. Ahhh, that last line just clutches at my heart. It’s so true…they were someone’s loved ones. And someone out there will never be the same because they’ve lost someone so special to them.

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