This Is All About Desire And Selfishness – Story 2

Book of Desire

Haven’t I done enough? I asked myself. I’ve worked with this this bloody company for more than twenty years now. They haven’t consider to promote me? A better position? I am much more experienced and understand the company better! This company is my whole life? Can’t they see?

I must get my answer today! I don’t care anymore. I must confront them and made them understand how important I am. I have been a senior assistant for a while now. Ten years if I remember correctly. It was freaking ten years! I should be a manager by now. I should manage this branch! Not some snotty kid that has no real experience. Recently graduated from a top school? Top university? Are you joking? A snobbish kid instead of me whose bone and blood molded with the company?

I did all my best for the company. I came here since I was young. I have no chance on landing job at other places. They took me. The late boss liked me and trusted me. He take good care of me and treat me like his son. But ever since the boss passed away, his daughter just ruined everything! Young people. Young people but no skills!

Barging to the company without consulting me. Without taking my advice. Without trusting me. I was her father’s trusted person. She should treat me better! She should give me the respect that I deserved! Instead… Instead, she forced us more in production. Torturing us mentally with her mind games.

I must do something! It has to be now. I can no longer stand it. This need to stop. I will show her how to run the things here. This is my chance. This is the thing that I should have done long time ago. I need to fix this place. Fix it and take it as mine! By force. By this simple tool in my hand. A gun.

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