That I like you

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If I were given the chance,
For you to be in front of me,
I would tell you my secret,
That I kept from you,

I can imagine now,
How silly I would look,
Stuttering on my speech,
And could not look you in the eyes,

There will be a lot of pauses,
Because my brain gave up on me,
And I can hear the beating,
Of my cowardly heart,

And my secret is simple,
It is not complicated,
But it stays inside me,
Comfortably torturing me,

Only to prevent me from telling you,
“That I like you”.

24 thoughts on “That I like you

  1. I loved it. It’s strange how we hold things inside us, when we should just let them out. I’m thinking about when I proposed to my wife. I was afraid of what her answer would be, and caused myself weeks of anguish. All along, I had nothing to worry about. Thanks for a thought-provoking poem.

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  2. Awww, three simple words that are beyond difficult to say sometimes! But I think it’s a good idea to tell someone how you feel as soon as you know what that feeling. A moment of courage could lead to a lifetime of happiness πŸ™‚

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      1. I am good, busy as anything and trying to play catch up is almost impossible now. I am always touched by your gentle heart Ally and your love poems are so original it lifts my soul.

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  3. This post was adorable, Ally. Almost anyone would love to hear those words. Alas, sometimes when you say them, it causes trouble that you can’t escape from. Still, I’d rather say it than not say it.

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