Ally’s Thoughts: Why Be Worried?

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Hi everyone!

We are in the middle of July. The month of Cancer and Leo. The Summer’s heat and the blue beach. And seven month after we passed 2017. How are you?

Today I want to share something that has been bugging me all week.


Have you ever felt that heavy sensation in your heart but then you were not really thinking about anything. Even after you cleared  your mind, you can still feel that sensation stuck in your heart.

I had that feel a lot of time. I don’t even know why or how it happened. Maybe it was my mood. So, I decided to google up ‘What do I feel right now?’.

I tried the quizzes available one by one. I received two answers!


I know they are not really accurate but I think it does answer my question a little. I was happy and I was worried as well. The thoughts and feeling instantly switching itself and slowly driving me a little bit depressed.

I realized the reason why I felt this way. I have plans in upcoming weeks and actually almost every week. However in those plan, there are some uncertainties which I can’t control. Therefore, it made me anxious and worried but the thoughts of realizing the plan made me excited and happy.

Being a little worried is fine but not too worried. It hinders mind and productivity as well. Even the moment I put my words right now, I am worried and I can’t help to feel the pressure in my chest.

So how can I let this go?

To feel worried is a part of something bigger. Being worried is just a result and not the contributing factors. In order to feel less worried you need to understand what made you worried.

Let’s say that you found the reason that made you worried. Treat it as a problem. A problem can be small or big but doesn’t mean you can’t solve it. To solve it might take time and energy but work it slowly as long as you have progress.

Problem solving is a skill that we need to polish. How we look at it, how we approach it, what are the risks, what are the strategic possibilities and more.

So, how do I approach my problem?

I have some plans but it’s all about the timing right now. So basically, I’m going with  the flow right now even though I do took some initiatives but to no avail. I’m trying to be positive but I can’t help to feel scared and worried.

I want to apologize if my words today is a little off or non understandable. The moment I’m writing this, I am still worried and stuff. I want to write but my head feels light and my brain doesn’t work in the most optimum condition.

Even so, I do appreciate some of the posts I read in my Reader. Some of them are wonderful poems. Some are amazing motivations. I enjoyed it so much and it made me smile!

5 thoughts on “Ally’s Thoughts: Why Be Worried?

  1. You are suffering from emotional congestion, my friend. Watch comedy, specifically the rom-com or sitcom version. These stories always have sappy solutions (read heartwarming) to the conflicts that tend to give me hope – or basically shoot endorphins into my system so I can approach my own “sticky feelings” with new perspectives. Hope I’m able to help.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing, Lupa. I never knew about emotional congestion. I might do more research about it. I might try your suggestion. After some thoughts, I think I never really feel profoundly happy throughout the week. 😀


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