But I exploded


Let me tell you my story,
The story of my day,
The day that can happen to anyone,
Not just me and not just today,

My day started great,
As the sun risen up to greet me,
Giving my morning wishes,
It was more than great,

I texted to the person I care,
They replied and texted back,
Some don’t know I really care,
Some feels the same, close, like a pack,

My working day started as usual,
The work and the staring game with the monitor,
Then came lunch time, better than usual,
I had an awesome meaty lunch as the initiator,

I went home on time,
Using the latest tech available in town,
The journey was smooth and golden dime,
Until a part of it that drag everything down,

Later that night I lost my composure,
Things getting hectic and disastrous,
I have no confidence of myself and unsure,
Of how I am still a time bomb and dangerous,

I let out no voice,
But I exploded.


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