Lyrics: I Don’t Know What To Say

Source: Giphy

The day doesn’t feel the same,
Though the familiar faces remain,
And I am here writing you a text,
With a cute picture saying good morning,

But ohh,
What a luck,
You did not reply,
Only blue ticks lies,
For my eyes,

Ohh what a day,
You ignored me,
And I don’t know what to say,

What would I do now,
Should I just keep on,
Or should I just stay down,
And let things go on,
Without thinking too much,
The truth is I don’t know,

All I want is to speak to you,
All I need is to go out with you,
All I want to do is go out on a date,
And spend time together with you,

Maybe I shouldn’t hope too much,
Maybe I shouldn’t push to rush,
Again I don’t know,

Let this song speak out my heart,
And I pray that you’ll listen,
I’ll just close my eyes,
Sleep away the problems,
And let myself drowned and gloomed.

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