Me and you

I don’t trust you,
Even though you are me,
The only path you have taken me,
Is towards despair,
You lead me to pain,
You lead me to nothing,
Nothing that I can be proud of,
Nothing that I can feel good about,
Nothing to keep me here,
You doomed me,
You doomed us,
I hate you,
And I know well I hate myself,
We are one but we are different,
But we are in the same boat,
Drifting to the endless sea,
A sea of nowhere,
We are not sailing anywhere,
We are stuck and forever in pair,
And I admit,
I should have listened to you,
When we were young,
You spoke to me softly,
Sweet words to lure me,
Only to show my anger,
To empty my mind,
To not think through,
And brace me for the things,
That I would do,
And didn’t do,
Because I am still young,
I am scared with faith,
I am scared and a coward,
Though I did the small things,
Just to feel pain,
Drunk in pain,
Cry in pain,
So I can sleep well,
I should have trusted you then,
And perhaps I will never be here,
Telling you,
Sharing you,
And the whole world that I,
Once a boy that don’t deserve,
To live even for a moment,
Because I know it well,
Where is the problem,
Because you told me,
You told me what is the problem,
And the real problem is,
Me and you.

Don’t just read it, say it out loud and you will hear me… and him.

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