There is no moon tonight

Image from: Nature Wallpapers – Desktop Nexus

There is no moon tonight,
But the night is calm,
With scattered stars,
And the dancing wind,

I am a part of this picture,
Sitting on a wooden chair,
Showered with the Night’s blessing,
Carrying a little piece of hope,

Where has you been,
Is the unspoken question,
Because there is no ears to listen,
And bravery to tell,

Only the memories,
Serves like an album,
Full of clear pictures,
That remain between us,

There were so much back then,
But there are nothing now,
Only the sweet lingering taste,
Of the wonderful moments,

I don’t want to forget,
Or let them go,
Too precious and valuable,
But it stings the heart,

Oh, Lord of the day and night,
Ruler of the earth and sky,
Grant this seed of hope,
Life to grow stronger,

As you have granted me a calm night,
And drowning me in appreciation.

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