So please, Don’t give up, You.


Stand up straight,
Imagine this,
You see yourself,
Standing in front of you,
Looking at you,
The way you look yourself,

Ask yourself,
How are you,
Are you okay,
Did I treat you well,
What have I done to you,

I’m sorry if I disappoint you,
I know I’m weak,
I know I gave up easily,
I know I will never forgive you,
I know that I take you for granted,
I know that well,

I’m sure there will be days,
Where I will learn,
And lives better,
Because I know,
It starts now,

Thank you for being here,
I know you are strong,
I know you can do it,
I know you can achieve more,
I know things will be better,
I know that well,

So please,
Don’t give up,


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