The great Sarawak River


How long have you been here,
Living your life along this road,
Slowly passing the people around you,
And the developments and changes,

You look strong and unpredictable,
Full of force and signs of life,
You must have witnessed many,
Happiness and tragedies,

I’m happy for you,
Those people celebrate you,
I’m sorry for you,
Those people uncaring for you,

I was flabbergasted by your presence,
In awe of your existence,
Nice to meet you,
The great Sarawak River.

13 thoughts on “The great Sarawak River

  1. I was waiting to see what you had to say about your trip. Really hoping for a blog post about the whole experience. No pressure. Always fascinated to hear your thoughts on the places you have been.

    Really enjoyed the poem as well. Really makes you think about everything a river has gone through even if it is ever changing. Really brings forth the idea that we all want to change, but can’t. The river is always changing, but yet stays the same. Things change around us and the river, but we are who or what we are. We all have our place in this world of constant ever flowing ideas.

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    1. The post is currently in draft, been having a busy schedule for now. Perhaps on weekend.

      Glad you love this and yes, anything old will make me wonder how it stood all these times and wonder what are the things it has seen previously.

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