Come here and join us


If you feel like understanding,
Whats in our hearts,

Even on a day,
Where it’s so bright,
Or it’s cold and dark,

On a place,
Crowded and lively,
Or empty and silent,

Of things happened,
Be it happiness,
Or sadness it’s all about,

When people around us,
Supporting us to the sky,
Or dragging us to the ground,

It is just one thing after another,
Because we are distant and far,
In a different world,
Breathing a different air,
Walking in a different path,

It’s just crushing and restricting,
It’s empty but heavy and painful,
It’s unbearable and devastating,

If you still don’t understand,
And asking us, why,
Come here and join us.

Recently, I’ve been reading about a lot of suicides in the news. The latest one was a Korean superstar. Depression is terrible and suicide is never an answer. If you know someone having depression, take time to learn about them. Depression is real and it is serious.

21 thoughts on “Come here and join us

  1. A poignant and good piece of poetry Ally on a very emotive subject. No matter how many people we surround ourselves with it sometimes cannot take away the feeling of isolation.

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