Which is me?

Source: Giphy

I place down my head,
On the puffy pillow,
I closed my eyes,
My head starts to spin,
The world around me,
Round and round,
As my head lean heavily to one side,
Everything splits,
Which is the reality,
Which is the illusion,
Which is me?

The fact that it is the National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) and I did not participate. Reasons? Primarily, my packed schedules, workloads, and I couldn’t focus much on writing.

4 thoughts on “Which is me?

  1. That’s exactly like how I feel! It is such a commitment at a time where I’m so busy with internships, finals and work. It’s so admirable that people have the time to write everyday–I know there are some days that I dread it, and the words just don’t come as easy as others. Great piece, captures it so well.

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