Ally’s Thoughts: A Year at Work


Hi everyone!

A year ago, I was accepted to work in a company after four months of relaxing at home being unemployed. I spent my time writing poetry, exploring things, watching movies and chilling at home.

As time passed, my workload started to swamp my schedule, more and more responsibilities and project initiatives were tasked to me compared to my ‘honeymoon period’ which my boss told me.

It’s no longer about doing work for the company but be a part of the team and company. So many things happened after a year working and perhaps I can be somewhat more useful and resourceful.


Even after a year, I always feel that I still need some adjustment. I learned to do new things and facing different challenges almost everyday. I do feel like I am looking forward to learn new things. On a different side, I just feel like doing the job because it is my job. At least I can earn right now. Overall, I have no complaints.

I have a dream and I am really doing my best to achieve it. I plan to retire at 40 and already set up to become a property investor. The only way to achieve that right now is to keep on performing in the company and work like crazy.


To be honest I am having a hard time to write. Its like I don’t have time or I don’t know what to write. Even getting an opening line was such a difficult task to do. Not even the slightest theme inside my head. I don’t really have the time to read my precious books too.

Anyway, that’s just some updates. I’m sorry for not being able to write constantly. Too many stuff is going on and I feel like having my brain chewed by the pressure.

9 thoughts on “Ally’s Thoughts: A Year at Work

  1. It’s okay if you don’t write all the time. You have your job to tend to and as you said, you’re adjusting, doing all kinds of stuff at work. Only you can put that pressure on yourself to write, so you can also discontinue putting pressure on yourself as well. It’s okay to recharge and regroup, however long it takes. Be kind to yourself, for who else but you are your own advocate.

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