#NaPoWriMo2019 Day 1: How To Be Motivated At Work

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Today is like yesterday,
Nothing much except the piling load of work from yesterday,
To be added with a new pile of work today,
Then you just realized you are far away from Friday,

Every morning you woke up when your clock rang,
Every morning you walked the same steps,
Every morning you saw the same views,
Every morning you reached the office exactly as you reached the office everyday,

You started to wonder as your mind can’t stop to ponder,
Are you a clockwork working repeatedly and endlessly,
Or are you in a computer simulation where AI has taken over the world,
Or are you a vessel with no soul working on instincts with no brain,

Then your thoughts started to spiral further down,
Thinking that the aliens has taken over your body,
And torturing you by doing the same thing again and again,
You kept seeing the same person in the morning, afternoon, and evening,

Fret not,
I will help you,
This is how you can be motivated to work,
Follow my instruction closely,

Before you sleep reset your alarm clock an hour before your usual time,
When you wake up later, snooze until your usual wake up time,
Then, get your morning shower and your morning business ready,
After that, wear the same color clothes according to day,

Before you leave the house, wait for five minutes and get out,
You will realized that you are five minutes late,
You will be racing to commute with the benefits of morning workout,
And your body will feel pain in adjusting to your new routine,

Now while commuting, be it in your car or public transport,
Pump up the volume with your favorite choice of music,
Be it rock, pop or hip hop, heck people won’t judge,
Do be considerate by using your earphones, except in your car,

If you used to having breakfast in the office,
All you have to do is to pick up extra on everything,
Don’t worry of overeating because you need the energy,

Now, you are ready to work,
Feel free to feel sleepy as your stomach processing your breakfast,
Get few cups of coffee to stay awake and get you through those endless meeting,
Oh, don’t forget to browse your favorite channels in Youtube,

Hey, look at the time now,
Well done, fifteen minutes before five,
Get your desk clean up and head to the restroom,
Walk slowly and spend around ten minutes in there, outdoor break is optional,

That is folks on how to be motivated at work,
Those repetitive works won’t end but you can always add some twists,
Take your unusual way and approach them in different perspectives,
You will be motivated to do more bizarre things tomorrow.

#NaPoWriMo2019 Day 1 prompt: write poems that provide the reader with instructions on how to do something.

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