And own every sins I made

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If I were given the chances,
To return back to the times,
Where I have to decide,
A lot of things,
That led me here,

To every poisonous words,
The severed bonds,
The silent tears,
And the boulders like burden,
On both of my shoulders,

To every heartbreaks,
The unbearable pain,
The guilt till eternity,
Still running in my blood,
Rushing through my soul,

To every regrets,
The unspoken words,
The locked feelings,
The untold emotions,
Of sparks that never burns,

To every hour of my time,
The lost dreams,
The efforts for nothing,
Too much wasted,
Staring the invisible walls,

To every romantics,
The soft pleasures,
The intimate moments,
Eventually disconnected,
A caretaker for others,

I will not turn back,
I will not return,
I will not seek,
Nor I will sell my soul,
Just to get one more chance,

I want to accept,
I want to admit,
I want to carry the weight,
And learn to lessen it,
In each conquered days,

Let it be my strength,
Let it be my guidance,
Let it be a reminder,
To all the things I couldn’t change,
So I can be better,

I may not live for myself,
But I am not giving up for others,
To the ones already here,
And the ones to come,
I will be here,

Even it offers me heaven,
To undo everything,
In hell I will be,
And own every sins I made.

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