To pay

brown mountain splashed with water from sea
Photo by Samuel Wölfl on

I don’t know how to explain, Love,
A sweet four letter words,
With the ability to resonate,
Across barriers and borders,

As where I am now,
Been breathing and standing for years,
Walked in countless different paths,
And still understand nothing,

They said Love comes naturally,
From the parents to their children,
Continued to their partners,
Passed on to the next generation,

Where I couldn’t understand,
Both of them broke up,
Both of them are not in love,
All of them left me unconvinced,

Then the Trickster left me some letters,
How I can be somebody,
A trickster with tricks,
It lasted for a while with bad after tastes,

Next with a pure Angel in disguise,
Owned a throne in my desolate heart,
And left after a storm of pain and tears,
Along with shattered ruins,

I remembered well when Lust came,
Tempted me to a different world,
That I never knew exists,
Until it fades and turned everything grey,

Then Hope left me with commitment,
Being a devout in waiting,
Learn kindness and patience,
Through one sided rejections,

I was blown away by the Wind,
Trapped me in turbulence,
Left with the slow shivering blows,
And left my dwelling exposed,

Now, here I am,
Unsure where but lost for sure,
Again and again in a spiraling maelstrom,
Trapped in the high and low of tides,

Why I still stay,
All the way,
To pay.

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