If I were to go away, this evening to far away

Photo by Joseph Redfield on Pexels.com

If I were to go away, this evening to far away,
To never return or stay, to let go all while I stay,

I don’t want to leave in regret,
In me, in the people around me with hate,
Impossible it may be, difficult it seems to be,
Why not try at least, so it came to be,

Yesterday I got some news, about some nieces and nephews,
Looking up to me as a role, modelling their future and me as their pole,
While I keep on believing, every breath is worth keeping,
Believe everything is for a reason, began to doubt it as time passes seasons,

Times when things are obvious, then came straight oblivious,
Some said things so genius, when the good things turned around it’s hideous,
But that is not the first time, thrown with the thousand lemons and limes,
Being broken with tears and played emotions, deep inside it’s loud like big commotions,

I’m sorry but that’s all I can give, less than half a century filled with grieve,
While some look at me as their savior, I need my own savior to savor.

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