Towards my future with you.

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To the one that will be,
In my future,
A love that I have been,
Seeking all these years,

Even I don’t know,
Where you are now,
Might be far away,
Or perhaps one that got away,

Or you have been here,
Reading here all along,
Keeping your distance,
With no actions,

Or you are someone,
I never meet yet,
Across the distance and space,
Through the barriers and boundaries,

I am here still trying,
To stay strong,
And keep going,
Towards my future with you.

5 thoughts on “Towards my future with you.

  1. My first impression on reading this is that this is addressing a materialistic future self we hope to meet in this lifetime..

    On a second thought, I remembered that we all will die sooner or later and no one actually knows when its their turn. So hoping to meet a future self here on earth might be just a wishful thought.

    I think we are all on a journey to attain perfection, but maybe not in this material world, but in another where every one will unite with their own future self, and where everyone in that future world will have one harmonious mind with a kind of perfection that will bring an everlasting peace to our restless souls here on earth.

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