How ignorant, you are to me.

Photo by NEOSiAM 2021 on

I’ve done everything,
But that’s not the answer,
As much as I’ve tried,
To make things better,

How hard it is,
Not to please,
But to take things,

Why we can’t make our life simpler,
Building things together,
Like how it should be,

Why making things harder,
Making us bear and suffer,
And you put the blame on us,

I don’t feel like breathing,
Or try to live in,
The world you’ve created,
Living with pain,

What’s the point of crying,
When it’s just on my side,
You don’t feel a thing,
Only you are on the right,

Truthfully, I can’t stop thinking,
Of finding the ending,
Or the fact that everyone see,
How ignorant, you are to me.

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