I wolf you, Love. (A tribute to Love Quinn from YOU)

I want you to know,
I love all the things,
That you do for me,
And I want you to feel,
Happier here,

How can I forget,
How can I erase,
The sweetness of your smile,
The kindness of your eyes,
And the love that you share,

I don’t want to lose,
The fire burning in you,
The passion of wanting you,
And the endless desire,
That keeps me alive,

I don’t want to forget,
All the moments that we had,
I want to keep it forever here,
Till the end of time,
I wolf you, Love.

The only happy ending I can think of for the couple is, Joe focuses on building a better foundation for Love and Henry. Love is healing and need a strong support from her husband. I’m writing this from a perspective that Joe became a husband that focuses more on recovering and build a family instead of chasing fantasies.

It totally shows how the series affected me.

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