All the sadness in you.

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Did you hear the voices,
That is crying for help,
It’s not from the unknown,
But from your heart instead,

Take a moment to feel,
All the sadness in you.

And be your own sun.

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Did you asked the question today,
Why you are being hard on yourself?
You don’t have to,
Even if the whole world want you to,

They can break you down,
Torn you apart,
But you will always be,
The one that stand up again,

You will be the one,
To treat yourself,
And fight to get better,
To stay awake when the world asleep,

You should know better,
To live right now,
Is to feel happier,
And be your own sun.

Pen it down for eternity

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I don’t want to write,
About love and heartbreak,
Because all this pain,
Never really leave,

I’ve been busy fighting war,
And facing all the battles,
Inside my head,
And it’s killing me,

Same with the others,
Struggling with their own,
Grasping a hard earn victory,
Some cost them, their sanity,

And let my words,
Pen it down for eternity.

I couldn’t be with you

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I spent too much time alone,
Casually talking to myself,
About all the things going on,
And all the thoughts in my head,

Like when I look back,
Of all the time I had,
Too many things happened,
Too little time to react,

Like when I think of the future,
With nothing else to hold on,
Without strength to be sure,
And I will always be alone,

Like when I think about the present,
All the things I couldn’t do,
And a hundred more reasons,
I couldn’t be with you.

For a long time.

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Allow me to take you,
To a fantasy of mine,
Where the world you see,
Is not the world you knew,

It is not the world,
I am familiar with too,
It is a where, happiness,
Is what really matter,

There you will see me,
Shine with bright smiles.
You will see yourself,
To be the happiest,

But that’s where it ends,
Because I can’t imagine further,
It is something that I haven’t tasted,
For a long time.

The door for me is lost

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I’m having a hard time to relate,
With all the sadness from a heartbreak,
Of all the people around me,
I’ve been there and it was sick,

I’m not being condescending,
Your pain and suffering is valid too,
It’s just the pain in me stop responding,
Because I’m losing my rationality too,

As much as I’m done with loneliness,
Thinking my life is meaningless,
I’m tired of thinking hopes,
The door for me is lost

Itu semua aku.

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Saat ketika ini,
Aku diam bersendiri,
Riuh tetap sepi,
Dibelenggu rasa hati,

Duduk diam terpaku,
Badan keras kaku,
Tiada rasa mahu,
Tiada rasa malu,

Usia semakin tua,
Kudrat demikian rupa,
Usahkan rasa kerja,
Hidup tiada perasa,

Ditanya apa punca,
Malas buka cerita,
Hujung pangkal tiada,
Sengaja hendak dilupa,

Mungkin kurang cinta,
Iman di dada,
Bekas parut lama,
Atau kurangnya irama,

Tiada yang tahu,,
Tiada yang mahu,
Tiada yang bantu,
Itu semua aku.