I need to be saved.

Photo by Pedro Figueras on Pexels.com

The urge to sleep,
Not to rest,
But to escape,
Is an undying desire,
Burning in me,

To escape,
Not to reject,
But to understand,
I need to be saved.

And dreadfully heavier.

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Let me share how it feels,
When you want to see,
Yet, your eyelids closed,
Tight and heavy,

When you want to smile,
Yet, your lips tightened,
Pale and weightless,

When you want to cry,
Yet, your tears dried,
The ache stays,

When you want to stand,
Yet, your legs fell,

When you want to speak,
Yet, your voice lost,
Silent and still,

When you want help,
You lost to exhaustion,
And overwhelming pressure,

All but a small taste,
Because it runs deeper,
And dreadfully heavier.

Project Social Distancing by Britt

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Dear friends and readers,

The pandemic has affected us in many ways. For myself, it has been exhausting and dreadful to handle because of the long lockdowns. Even so, I still have some source of income and a place to stay under. Others are not so fortunate. Some lost their source of income. Some lost their homes. Some lost both, and some lost their loved ones.

I would love to share about a project by a fellow writer, including her message.

My name is June Hew also known as Britt. I’m a 40 years old Chinese diaspora living in Malaysia. I’ve been suffering from mental health problem for many year s and things spiralled out of control 4 year s ago. I started seeking medical help then because I couldn’t conceal my condition anymore. The same time I lose my livelihood, losing my job and being without support.

I’ve started a website recently to slowly get back to writing. I was very active before everything went out of my control. Started selling printed t-shirt hoping to help with my daily expenses.


You can reach at;


Project Social Distancing;

I appreciate every help and assistance. Thank you!